Will Cecile
06'0"180TL- Stats & Bio
Craig Wende
16'0"218GL- Stats & Bio
Miles Thompson
25'11"185FRActive Stats & Bio
Zach Miller
35'11"170FLActive Stats & Bio
Lyle Thompson
46'0"180FRActive Stats & Bio
Tanner Buck
85'8"155FLActive Stats & Bio
Ryan Lanchbury
96'0"175FR- Stats & Bio
Ethan Riggs
106'4"230DL- Stats & Bio
Joel White
116'1"200DRActive Stats & Bio
Kason Tarbell
156'1"185TRActive Stats & Bio
Stephan Leblanc
176'1"205FL- Stats & Bio
Devin Pipher
185'10"175FR- Stats & Bio
Jordan Hall
206'0"190FLActive Stats & Bio
Brendan Bomberry
216'1"185FRActive Stats & Bio
Jordan MacIntosh
246'0"210TRActive Stats & Bio
Adam Wiedemann
276'1"175DLActive Stats & Bio
Mike Poulin
306'1"205G-Active Stats & Bio
Shayne Jackson
325'9"180FLActive Stats & Bio
Matt Dunn
336'3"215DRInjured Reserve Stats & Bio
Robert Hudson
376'3"200TLActive Stats & Bio
Chad Tutton
446'1"220DLActive Stats & Bio
Jeff Henrick
455'11"190DLActive Stats & Bio
Bryan Cole
556'2"190TLActive Stats & Bio
Ethan Walker
575'9"170FLActive Stats & Bio
Ryan MacSpadyen
776'0"180TLActive Stats & Bio
TJ Comizio
915'10"165DRActive Stats & Bio

Free Agents

Stay up-to-date on all of the player moves the Swarm make between Aug. 1 and the beginning of the 2020-21 NLL season.


Stay up-to-date on all roster moves the Swarm make.

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