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Scores / Schedule


Brady Kearnan
926'0"190FPlayer Info
Chet Comizio
575'10"175DPlayer Info
Kaleb Benedict
995'11"195FPlayer Info
Jacob Hickey
6'4"180FPlayer Info
Angus Goodleaf
516'2"274GPlayer Info
Jeremy Thompson
746'0"190TPlayer Info
Jordan MacIntosh
246'0"210TPlayer Info
Mike Manley
56'2"235DPlayer Info
Shayne Jackson
325'9"180FPlayer Info
John Ranagan
316'4"216DPlayer Info
Miles Thompson
25'11"185FPlayer Info
Lyle Thompson
46'0"180FPlayer Info
Liam Byrnes
126'3"195DPlayer Info
Bryan Cole
556'2"190TPlayer Info
Seth Oakes
665'11"190FPlayer Info
Brendan Bomberry
216'1"185FPlayer Info
Adam Wiedemann
276'1"175DPlayer Info
Zach Miller
335'11"170FPlayer Info
Andrew Kew
426'3"200FPlayer Info
Kason Tarbell
156'1"185TPlayer Info
Ethan Riggs
106'4"230DPlayer Info
TJ Comizio
915'10"165DPlayer Info
Jeff Henrick
115'11"190DPlayer Info
Brett Dobson
456'2"200GPlayer Info
Luke Keenan
86'1"195FPlayer Info
Dustin Hill
785'10"210GPlayer Info

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