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Educational Gym Program

The Educational Gym Program is a curriculum hosted by Lyle Thompson, Brendan Bomberry, and other select players where they explain the history and origins of the game we love – lacrosse.


  1. Talk about the first-ever game between the winged animals and the land animals.
  2. Where the game comes from and why we play.
  3. Talk about the medicine game – why we call it the medicine game and how it relates to today’s game of lacrosse.
  4. Talk about the important of the traditional wooden stick and what it means to the game.
  5. Get the chance to experience and play lacrosse.

Following the educational portion of the series, Thompson and Bomberry then demonstrate lacrosse basics. They will teach your group how to hold a stick, cradle, pick up a ground ball, pass, shoot, and other lacrosse basics.

Let us know if you are interested in the Educational Gym Program!

We hope that at the end of the program, your group understands the history of the medicine game and how it relates to the game we play today as well as help those who want to play the game find a local program to join.

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