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I understand that by agreeing to this Recurring Payment Authorization, I (a) authorize Arlo Sports, LLC (“the Swarm”) to charge my credit/debit card I provide to my Swarm ticket representative for my annual Membership (as defined below) dues for the ticket(s) associated with my Membership account, which collectively with any playoff tickets I purchase pursuant to this Agreement are referred to herein as the “Tickets”; and (b) agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. I understand that my initial and subsequent installment charges will be made to such authorized card/account in association with my chosen payment plan until such annual dues are paid in full. I acknowledge and agree that my Georgia Swarm Season Ticket Membership (“Membership”) will automatically renew in March of each successive year, unless I provide notice of cancellation, for any reason or no reason, to the other prior to the start of the new Membership year, which begins July 1 and ends on June 30 (each, a “Membership Year”); provided, however, that, notwithstanding the foregoing, I further understand and agree that I may not cancel my Membership during Membership Year 1 (as identified above). I understand that, upon the expiration of Membership Year 1, my Membership may be cancelled by me at any time throughout a Membership Year for any reason or no reason, provided I notify the Swarm of my intent to so cancel by completion of an opt-out form. Upon such cancellation, I will no longer be responsible for any future payments, but I shall no longer be entitled to any refund for payments made prior to such cancellation. Opting out at any point during the 2022-23 season also results in the forfeiture of extra season ticket(s) as part of the “Members Plus” auto-renewal ticket program for the remainder of the season.

For members who have not yet renewed their 2021-22 Membership must renew no less than the same number of seats on their account for the 2022-23 season to be eligible for the Members Plus benefit program. (Note: the “Members Plus” early-renewal/new purchases additional tickets program expired on September 1, 2002. Additional complimentary tickets are no longer available under this program.)

Remaining funds on my account may be applied toward the purchase of tickets to mutually agreed to Swarm Game(s) at the Venue within the applicable Membership Year, subject to availability. For all Membership payments, this recurring payment authorization shall remain in effect for so long as my Membership remains in effect. I hereby warrant that I have the authority to charge the credit/debit card I provide to my Swarm ticket representative to the listed account to pay my annual Membership dues. I understand and agree that the Swarm are not liable in any way for erroneous billing statements or incorrect charges and that should such an error occur in billing. The Swarm’s only responsibility is to correct an error if and when the Swarm receives notice of the error. There will be no other refunds of any kind for such charges. I understand that the Swarm may, in its sole discretion, upon written notice to me, modify my payment plan; including prices for future seasons and/or terminate my participation as a Georgia Swarm Season Ticket Member. The Swarm may restrict entry to Georgia Swarm games or Season Ticket Member events and/or revoke Membership privileges if scheduled installment payments are not paid timely and/or if any authorized charge is refused by my credit card company or banking institution for any reason. I realize that if any credit/debit card or bank account number(s) provided at the time of enrollment change, I will promptly notify the Swarm by contacting my Swarm Ticket Account Executive directly, by calling 844-4GASWARM, or emailing info@georgiaswarm.com, and this authorization will remain in effect for such new card/account number(s). Under all payment plans, all payments are due on the dates specified regardless of game cancellations or rescheduling. The Swarm may charge a processing fee in the event a charge is refused for any reason.

The cost of playoff tickets is incremental to your annual Membership dues. Season Ticket Members in good standing automatically retain their seats for all home playoff games and will be charged for future home playoff games upon completion of each playoff round through the same payment method elected for their Membership dues. Upon receipt of playoff ticket pricing information, which will be delivered by the Swarm prior to the end of the NLL regular season, Season Ticket Members may provide written notice of their election to decline playoff tickets by the stated deadline, incur no charges, and realize no change to their Membership status. Members who opt-out or otherwise do not re-enroll their Membership prior to the playoffs, and would otherwise be eligible to receive the option to purchase playoff tickets, will receive a one-time right of first refusal to purchase playoff tickets, but will not receive member pricing and must pay for all potential playoff games in advance.

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