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The Georgia Swarm has always been built on its relationships: with its fans, its players, and yes – its corporate partners.

We enter partnerships with a “win-win-win” mentality (partner, fans, Swarm), and we carefully evaluate the goals and needs of each prospective partner well in advance of initial conversations. Our partnership process is never rushed, and we will never bring assets to the table that don’t reflect your brand’s unique position in the marketplace and the ultimate objective of our two properties coming together.

We revel in innovative solutions that leverage our brand and the unique bond we have with our fan base.

The Georgia Swarm is in the solutions business, and we welcome partners who share the same spirit of long-term, meaningful, effective partnerships, but most importantly, those who value strong relationships.


The Georgia Swarm fan base comprises an extremely lucrative and unique demographic makeup centered in the highly-diverse, densely-populated, and second largest county in the state of Georgia: Gwinnett County.

Georgia Swarm Partnership Demographics

6 Reasons

1. Explosive Growth

Lacrosse is the fastest-growing participatory sport in the country for both boys and girls, according to numerous studies in 2019.

There are over 250 boys and girls high school lacrosse programs in Georgia, most of which are located around the Metro Atlanta Area.

2. Desirable Demographics

Swarm fans comprise that exclusive mix of Gen-Z/Millennial former lacrosse players/athletes and families with discretionary income.

Both demographics love the Swarm’s infectious and energetic gamely experience, non-stop action, and the affordable price to attend a game.

3. Gwinnett County Roots

Home to just under 1 million people, the Swarm organization sits in the middle of a dynamic, diverse, and growing county that comprises the demographics that drive growth for large and small businesses including over 600 internationally-based corporations.

4. Community Involvement 

The Georgia Swarm work with local youth and high school lacrosse organizations, non-profits, and local churches to assist in raising the profile of their organization and raise money to grow and enrich their programs.

5. Family Ownership

Swarm ownership understand the importance of family, working as responsible and collaborative stewards in the community and being an ambassador for Gwinnett County and the region.

6. Unparalleled Gameday Experience

Nearly everyone who leaves a Swarm game feels uplifted. Associating with such a positivity will resonate with your brand. #LetsDance is more than a mantra, it is an embodiment of the Swarm spirit.

Program Ad

Join in on “The Buzz.”¬†The Buzz is the annual Swarm game program, which consists of over 100 full-color pages, and includes loaded ticket memberships! The Buzz is available 365 days a year as it is published quarterly.

300,000+ Reach

  • Visible on GeorgiaSwarm.com
  • Sent to email database of 75,000+
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100,000+ Reach

  • Fans receive free copies at each Swarm home game


Would you or your company like to partner with the Swarm?

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