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Top 10 Swarm Goals of 2017-18: #7-5

Let the highlights roll.

Tuesday, we checked out Nos. 10-8 goals of the Top 10 Swarm goals in 2017-18. We saw Leo Stouros’s first NLL goal, Zed Williams’ incredibly quick behind-the-back goal, and Jordan Hall’s shovel goal. The latter two cracked SportsCenter Top 10. The bar for best Swarm goal of the season got raised quickly.

Today we’re checking out goals 7, 6, and 5. Any of these could have been the best goal of the season, reinforcing the creativity and skill Swarm players are known for. And raising the bar immediately is…

7. Lyle Thompson’s Mid-Floor Goal

This is the equivalent of making a half-court shot in basketball, kicking a 70-yard field goal, hitting a 500-foot home run. It’s monstrous.

Lyle used a a lengthy screen to make a last-ditch effort, winging the ball from the “h” in the Rush floor logo. It amazingly snuck past the netminder into the bottom right corner of the goal, stunning the Rush crowd and fans all across the continent.

The Swarm is all about effort, teamwork, and creativity. The first four goals of the Top 10 Swarm goals of the 2017-18 season all feature a stellar amount of creativity but are a little shorter on the effort and teamwork side compared to the final 6 goals (yes, that’s us being nitpicky. Gotta start finding flaws if we’re committing to a list). From here on out, things ramp up, and incredible teamwork and borderline supernatural efforts are required to be the best Swarm goals. If you want a good example of a strong effort and highly creative goal, then look no further than…

6. Shayne Jackson’s Falling Goal 

Georgia needed a win when it visited Calgary for its fifth game of the season. Jackson led the way with a 9-point (4G, 5A) night, the highest single-game points total for any Swarm player this season. Calm and collected when he lost his balance, the Swarm assistant captain got a shot off a foot from the ground, and the ball bounced past a Roughnecks’ defender and a swiping goaltender. Maximum effort from one of the Swarm’s most consistent contributors. Reminds you of how…

5. Lyle Thompson Can’t be Stopped 

Yep, Lyle pops up twice on the Top 10. Quite honestly, his game against the Rush on April 14 in which he scored 5 goals was easily one of his best games, and every goal felt like a highlight. But it’s hard to top a goal where Lyle shrugged off three defenders, took some stick hits to the head, danced his way around the crease, and managed to fool the opposing netminder before depositing the ball. Maximum effort, maximum creativity, and showing how good teamwork just isn’t always enough to stop the 2017 NLL MVP.

Remember to check out the Top 4 Swarm goals next week. After we reveal the best Swarm goal of the season, fans can vote for their favorite and enter for a chance to win an autographed Swarm team poster!

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