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Top 10 Swarm Goals of 2017-18: #10-8

When you feature a glut of talented scorers like the Georgia Swarm does, then you are bound to witness a stunning amount of jaw-dropping goals. That’s just a fact. And the 2017-18 season saw so many stellar Swarm goals that a new bar for highlights has been set for the future. Three Swarm players made SportsCenter Top 10? Looks like we’ll have to make it four next season…

With the season over, we went back and took a look at ALL the goals, trying to figure out which were the cream of the crop, the goals you watch over and over and over ad infinitum. We narrowed it down to 10 (no small task) and will run through them over the next two weeks.

But these are just our favorites. Fans, we are going to want your input on which of these goals is your favorite. After we reveal the top goal of the season, we’ll want you to vote for your favorite and enter for a chance to win an autographed Swarm team poster!

Today, we’re running through goals 10, 9 and 8, and kicking off the first goal in the list is…

10. Leo Stouros’s First NLL Goal

Stouros stepped into some mighty big shoes last season when Chad Tutton went down in Game 1 of the East Division Finals against Toronto, and he’s been impressive in his sophomore season. It took three postseason games and 13 more regular season games before the young defenseman netted his first NLL goal in style, scooping up a loosie and outstripping everyone in transition. Tutton was there with him, ready to shoot if Stouros decided to pass the ball, but Stouros had this one from the get-go. The goalie went right as Stouros went left, and the ensuing celebration tells the rest of the story. Capping off his night, Stouros was given the game ball, and teammates made him wear the Swarm’s suit jacket for team player of the game. If you want to succeed in the fast-paced world of the NLL, you need speed, like what Stouros has when his wheels are working or like the quick hands of…

9. Zed Williams, SportsCenter Top 10 BTB Goal

The third goal of Williams’ NLL career was so good that it made SportsCenter Top 10 at No. 4. Collecting the rebound from a Kiel Matisz shot, the No. 4 overall pick in the 2017 NLL Draft figured slick was best and went around his shoulders for a shortside snipe. Williams stunned an entire arena with his stick skills, but he wasn’t the first or the last to do that this season, nor was he the first or last to make SportsCenter. A few weeks after making the Top 10, another Swarm player cracked the list, namely…

8. Jordan Hall, SportsCenter Top 10 Shovel Goal

What are you supposed to do against that? His back is to the goaltender, and he has a defender pressing on his numbers. A shot between the legs like this is practically unheard of, the oddest example of a screen you’ll ever see. The fact Hall made an accurate shot on goal is crazy enough, but beating the netminder is incredible. Hall didn’t even know he scored until he saw his teammates celebrating. Just crazy and good enough to sit at No. 6 on SportsCenter Top 10.

Another crazy thing to think about is how we’re three goals into this Top 10 list and two of the three SportsCenter Top 10 goals are already used. Things just get better from here. Check back on Friday when we recap goals 7 through 5.

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