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The NLL Stays True To Lacrosse’s Native American Roots

The NLL Stays True To Lacrosse’s Native American Roots

Imagine having never seen Michael Jordan play basketball, that’s what it’s like if you’ve never seen Lyle Thompson play lacrosse

Last June, Lyle Thompson assisted his brother Miles for the championship-winning goal which delivered the Georgia Swarm’s first National Lacrosse League Champions Cup.

Georgia swept the Saskatchewan Rush in the best-of-three series, with Lyle being named the Champions Cup Most Valuable Player.

“Our main focus this year is getting back on track and maintaining the same attitude and energy, doing things the same way we did last year,” said Lyle. “After winning the championship, there are elevated expectations. We’re not going to get anybody’s ‘B’ or ‘C’ game, we’re going to get every team’s ‘A’ game. In our locker room, we’re trying to bring the same passion we brought last year, and we believe good things will happen from that.”

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