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Q&A: Jerome Thompson

#22 Jerome Thompson (Photo Credit: Kyle Hess)

Jerome Thompson is in the midst of his second season with the Swarm in 2017, and third in total in the NLL. So far through seven games, Thompson has already matched his previous career-high of 24 points and is one of Georgia's key distributors with 19 assists. GeorgiaSwarm.com recently caught up with #22 to see how his role on the team has changed this season, and how he's looking to help Georgia win a championship.

Q: How does playing with two of your brothers give the Swarm an advantage over other teams in the NLL?

JT: With my family in particular, we are pretty close brothers. We grew up playing in the backyard. It is a huge advantage for us. Not only do we always know what we want to do, but we always know where we are on the field.

Q: Most Athletes dream of being sponsored, how does being sponsored by NIKE enhance your drive on the field?

JT: Everyone wants to be sponsored by the top brands. For us, being sponsored by NIKE is a dream come true. We grew up wearing NIKE and now being sponsored by them is an unreal feeling. It pushes you to be better and to look good wearing NIKE.

Q: This Sunday is Native American Heritage Night for the Swarm. How has the growth of Lacrosse throughout North America impacted Native American culture?

JT: The sport is growing at a high pace. People are beginning to understand where the roots of the sport are and where it has come from. It is a great feeling to be playing in these games and for people to recognize us in the game.

Q: The first home game, your brothers and you set a Guinness World Record. What were the thoughts running through your head when you were awarded with this achievement?

JT: It was a great accomplishment. To know that it had never been done before. Especially for our family, to see how hard we work and what we have done in the sport.

Q: What are your personal goals for the 2017 season with the Swarm?

JT: My personal goal is to help out the Swarm as much as possible and I would also like to get in top contention with the top scorers in the league. I would like to win a championship for the team.

Q: How does this year's Swarm team stand apart from other teams you have competed on?

JT: Honestly, I feel like this team is really close. Everybody on the team is close and cares about each other. I noticed it when I joined the team last year, but this team seems even closer than last season.

Q: In your opinion, what does it take for a team to win a championship?

JT: Hard work and dedication. Dedication takes a huge toll on yourself. You have to really put yourself on the line. Any team can win on any given night. You have to bring your best.

Q: What is your gameday routine?

JT: We have shootarounds in the morning. Most people like to nap but I don’t. I feel worse after a nap. I either sit around and watch T.V. or meet up with my brothers and take a walk. I try to stay up and stay active. I like to get a Moe’s burrito as well.

Q: What are three words you would use to describe yourself on the field?

JT: Creative, Aggressive, and clear-vision.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

JT: I love to go golfing. I also have a family now. I enjoy spending time with them as well.

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