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2018-19 Player Capsule: Miles Thompson

A look back at Miles' 2018-19 season

Over the last two seasons, Miles Thompson has started off slow before picking up in the second half. And after finishing with 43 points in both seasons, the five-year vet will have to figure out how best to break out in the 2019-20 season.

“Miles was battling some injuries early on in the season and worked really hard to get himself healthy again and free of playing in pain,” Swarm assistant coach Dan Ladouceur said. “There was definitely a stretch through the second half where he was feeling himself, and we could see the results on the floor.”

Aside from playing while healthier, one of the areas Miles improved throughout the season was his shooting. In the first nine game, the University at Albany product posted a 12.00 S%.

Starting with the first contest against Buffalo, Miles’ shot became more selective. He took a shot less per game, but his shooting percentage jumped to 17.6%. Miles was cashing in more with higher quality shots, and he was hitting the net at a higher rate.

That was the main objective for Miles: you wanted to see Miles bear down and focus, getting more shots on target. With how good his shot is, you know more would eventually fall.

After two games in the first nine without a point, Miles put himself on the scoresheet in each of the last nine contests.

Increasing your half-season points total by seven is a small step in the right direction, and hopefully his progress will carry over to the 2019-20 season and break Miles out of his 43-point rut. He’s got that slick shot and is clearly comfortable with the rest of the Swarm offense.

“Miles is always a fun and entertaining guy to watch with how creative he is with his shot selection and how he finds space and works well off other guys,” Ladouceur concluded.

Chemistry Class

When a game ends up as close as the March 15 game against the Rochester Knighthawks did, it’s great to have some guys feeding off their established chemistry.

Miles got cooking with the chemistry he has developed with his crease-playing counterpart, Shayne Jackson. He handed out all of his assists to the assistant captain, and the two prolific catch-and-release scorers displayed their dazzling stick skills in fine fashion.

With the game on the line, having enough familiarity with a teammate that you can thread the needle with a pass and they can play off it is huge.

That’s the familiarity Miles has with his offensive teammates. Building on that and his better shot selection can get him trending back in the right direction next season.

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