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Diamond Drop – Season Ticket Members

RSVP Window Has Closed – A Few Spots Will Remain on Gameday!

Diamond Drop RSVP - Season Ticket Members

Season Ticket Members, it’s time for one of the most exciting in-game promotions of the year! And this year, thanks to our amazing partner – Tara Fine Jewelry – we’re kicking it up a notch.

At our Ladies Night home game on February 22 against the Calgary Roughnecks, one lucky participant will win a 1.5 carat ForeverMark diamond halo pendant worth $30,000. 

You read that correctly. A $30,000 diamond pendant. 

These lucky ladies will be ushered onto the Infinite Energy Arena turf at halftime, where parachutes inserted with unique number codes will cascade from the sky. Participants will make a mad dash to grab their parachute and hope their lucky number matches that of the grand prize diamond.

So what’s next? Now that the RSVP window has closed, we will be accepting a limited number of sign-ups on Saturday after the gates open at 5:30 PM.  Please head to the Tara Fine Jewelry table in the main concourse to see if sign-ups are still being accepted!

IMPORTANT: You must complete your registration at Tara Fine Jewelry table on game night prior to the start of the game to sign the waiver itself and pick up your wrist-band and Tara goodie bag. Further instructions will be provided at that time as to how to enter the playing field at halftime. Please also note that no one wearing high-heeled shoes will be able to enter the Arena playing surface. Participants must wear flat-soled shoes or tennis shoes. 



I hereby request that the GEORGIA SWARM (“TEAM”) allow me to participate in certain on-field activities at the INFINITE ENERGY ARENA (ARENA) on Saturday February 22, 2020 (the “Activities”). I certify that I am in good mental and physical condition. I understand and assume the inherent risks associated with performing the Activities, which may include but are not necessarily limited to playing lacrosse and other strenuous physical activities on various surfaces, including but not limited to the turf field at the Arena and tile floor of the concourses. In consideration of the Team allowing me to participate in the Activities, to the fullest extent permitted by law, I, on behalf of myself and my personal and legal representatives, assigns, heirs, children, dependents, spouses, relatives, parents anyone else who might claim or sue on my behalf (collectively, the “Releasing Parties”), agree not to sue and forever release, waive and discharge the Team, the National Lacrosse League and its member teams, (NLL), Arlo Sports LLC (legal entities of team owner, arena and related entities), Tara Fine Jewelry Co., Inc., each of their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, parents companies, and each of the aforementioned entities’ respective employees, governors, affiliates, agents, partners, shareholders, directors, owners, members, representatives, officers, attorneys, vendors, sponsors, players, licensees and assigns (collectively, “Releasees”) from any and all liability to me and any other of the Releasing Parties for any and all claims, causes of action, losses, judgments, liens, costs, demands or damages that are caused by or arise from my participation in any Activities (including but not limited to any injury (including death) to my person or property regardless of the cause(s) of such injury and any use of my Image (defined below)). I assume all risks associated with my participation in the Activities. I further agree that if, despite this Waiver/Release I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim against any of the Releasees, I will indemnify, save and hold harmless each of the Releasees from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage or cost which may by incurred as the result of such claim. I further irrevocably grant the Team, the Arena, the NLL, and Tara Fine Jewelry Co., Inc. the perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, freely assignable and transferable right and license to use my name, voice, image, and likeness (collectively, “Image”) in any media or technology now knows or hereinafter developed, relating to my performance in any Activities including, without limitation, a videotape recording of such Activities without compensation to, or right of review and/or approval by, me or my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, children, dependents, spouse and relatives. I understand that while participating in Activities, I may appear in a light that is unflattering, embarrassing, humiliating or otherwise detrimental to my reputation and rights to privacy. I also give permission for the Team and/or Tara Fine Jewelry Co., Inc. to use my personal information to contact me with newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information that may be of interest to me. I understand that I have the right to opt out of receiving any, or all, of these communications from the Team or Tara Fine Jewelry Co., Inc. by following the unsubscribe links or instructions provided in any email or communications that are sent. I further represent that while participating in the Activities I am not in possession of alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, guns, knives or projectiles. I hereby acknowledge that I must not wear heels or other shoes during the Activities that could be damaging to the Arena turf and may be disallowed from participating in the Activities if I am unwilling to wear tennis shoes, flat-soled athletic shoes with no spikes, or other flat-soled shoes that will not be damaging to the Arena turf, the determination of which will be made by the Team. I hereby acknowledge that if I choose not to wear shoes during the Activities, I do so at my own risk and hold Releasees from any and all liability to me and any other of the Releasing Parties for any and all claims, causes of action, losses, judgments, liens, costs, demands or damages that are caused by or arise from my participation in any Activities.

I hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read this Waiver/Release, that I fully understand its content and the fact that I am giving up certain legal rights and agree to its terms, that I am over the age of 18, and that I will sign this Waiver/Release in person on the day of the Activities voluntarily and under no duress or threat of duress and intend for it to be legally binding. If any provision of this Waiver/Release is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions remain valid and enforceable. This Waiver/Release shall be construed broadly to provide a release, indemnification and waiver to the maximum extent allowed by law. This Waiver/Release will be interpreted in accordance with, and governed by, the substantive laws of the State of GEORGIA notwithstanding the potential application of the laws of any other state.

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