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Swarm players: “We need YOU at The Hive!”

Special messages from Swarm players to you, the fans.

Your 2017 NLL World Champion Georgia Swarm are ready for the East Division Finals at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Field at Infinite Energy Arena on Saturday, May 12. The Swarm has a tough battle ahead of it against the Rochester Knighthawks, but the defending champs have a special weapon they can’t wait to rely on: Swarm fans. Home floor advantage is huge in the postseason, and fans cheering on the men in blue and yellow wills them on in ways only they know and understand. I asked some of the players this week about how big having home floor advantage is from their perspective and how much they feed off the energy Swarm fans provide:

Lyle Thompson

“The thing about team sports is that you’re always told that all that matters is what is inside your locker room. That’s what we’re told right from when we’re kids, but then you walk out on the floor and you have people, fans that have been supporting you all along the way, then it becomes a little more than just what’s in the locker room. It becomes what’s in the arena. As a player, you somehow find more energy and have even more to play for.”

Team Captain Jordan MacIntosh

“Playing at The Hive is something we look forward to every week. The noise and buzz in the building pumps energy into our team and allows us to elevate our game on the floor. I notice it especially when we are facing adversity in games, our fans pull us through and allow us to get that edge on our opponents. Home playoff games are a blessing, and we can’t wait to show up Saturday in front of our home fans. Let’s Pack The Hive!”

Assistant Captain Jason Noble

“There is nothing quite like playing at home in sports, especially at The Hive during playoffs. We thrive off the energy our fans bring. The louder the better. The fans are the difference maker when playing at home. ”

Kiel Matisz

“This game. Our teammates. And you the FANS! We have had a great 2018, but we need your help to help this team raise the NLL Cup again. Come out and feel the experience of The HIVE this Saturday!”

Ethan O’Connor

“Fan support, not just from the regular fan (which is still appreciated and necessary) but also from random people in Atlanta you meet while traveling. Everyone is happy to hear our story and wish us good luck. Whether it’s at the airport or at a restaurant, these wishes of good will don’t happen in Rochester.

“In game, it’s easier to get out of a rut or continue a run when you have fan support. Too often on the road, you can get caught up in the negative vibes the fans are throwing your way, and it will make matters worse. At home, it mitigates all that and actually helps us to focus better.”

Connor Sellars

“With a one game elimination, everything counts. A home game at The Hive, in front of our loyal fans, is a perfect remedy to come out with a big win.”

Jesse King

“Having the home crowd advantage is crucial in our quest to return the NLL Cup back to Georgia. We are so thankful for our fans being there through our wins and our losses. Our Swarm fans are a huge factor in our success and our goals moving into playoffs!”

Chad Tutton

“There’s nothing like playing lacrosse in the National Lacrosse league. Especially playoffs and especially in front of our fans at The Hive!! Nothing we do on the floor would be even possible without the love and support of our Georgia fans! We will see you this weekend as we look to take down Rochester and win the Eastern Division Championship!”

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. The Swarm players want and need your support to help will them on to even greater heights! Get your tickets for the East Division Finals at GeorgiaSwarm.com/Playoffs or by calling 844-4-GASWARM.

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