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Thoughts from Day 1 of Swarm Training Camp

First day of Swarm Training Camp is a wrap

Day 1 of Swarm Training Camp is in the books, and from the fans to the players to the coaches, everyone agrees that it’s good that lacrosse is back. Returning vets got to meet the new names and faces from the offseason and welcome those players into the Swarm fold.

With it being the first day of Training Camp, a bit of it was dedicated to shaking off the rust, getting back into the swing of things. Players started to settle down after getting into a rhythm in the open practice and really start showcasing why they deserve to wear blue and yellow in 2018-19.

Here are some first impressions from the first day of camp:

  • Connor Sellars and Randy Staats have some majestic mustaches. Sellars said he was probably shaving his, though. That’s a travesty.
  • Miles Thompson took the summer off (excluding the FIL World Championships), but he looked pretty slick. He and Zed Williams were working fabulously together in the two-man game.
  • Speaking of Williams, his accurate shot is impressive, but how he was getting those shots off was jaw-dropping. From up high, quarter slot, a side whip, a few from his ankles. Dude thrives on offense.
  • Once he settled down, Craig Wende was sharp and made some impressive adjustments down low.
  • Need a Kitchener goalie? Swarm has a crop of them, four to be exact.
  • Another guy in midseason form? Chad Tutton. Patented Tutts’ aggressiveness on display. Showed off his shot a bit, too.
  • You always wonder how guys will handle a trade on the first day. Holden Cattoni not only meshed in seamlessly, but he played chippy and sharp.
  • Jason Noble’s a monster when he plays. Whether you’re watching him up close or from far away, watching how he shuts guys down is impressive every time.
  • Shayne Jackson, Mr. Consistency.
  • Matt Dunn was an active sponge out there. He listened and asked questions constantly, and it was rare to see the same mistake twice.
  • Nolan Apers has some quick hands, great awareness out on the floor, too.
  • Brendan Bomberry and Adam Wiedemann were solid all day. Wherever they needed to be, they were. Wiedemann used some quick feet to change assignments on the fly. Both had a great shot.
  • Williams. That shot, so good.
  • Thanks to all the fans that came out for the open practice. They provided some wonderful energy and long autograph lines, know the players appreciated it.
  • Lax is good, love that it’s back.
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