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Q&A: John Ranagan

#31 John Ranagan. Photo Credit: Kyle Hess

John Ranagan is a stellar defenseman for the Georgia Swarm. His power, size, and skill makes him a triple threat on the floor. Willing to sacrifice anything for a win, Ranagan leaves everything on the field. Ranagan talked to GeorgiaSwarm.com about what make his experience with the Swarm special.

Q: While competing for Johns Hopkins University, you accomplished many feats. What would you say is your biggest collegiate accomplishment?

JR: I would say being named a captain my senior year was my biggest collegiate accomplishment.

Q: Similar to Jordan Hall, you too competed for the New England Black Wolves last season. With this weekend’s game being against your former team, what is one thing you wish to accomplish this weekend?

JR: We are focused on doing what we can to get our next win. I think the entire team is upset with our performance in Denver and are looking forward to getting back together and competing against a really good New England team.

Q: As a player who has experience in the NLL, what makes this year’s Swarm team standout from past teams you have competed for?

JR: The biggest thing that stands out to me is how close knit the team is. We have a great time in the locker room and I think that is really important to building a successful team.

Q: You are new to the Swarm roster this season. How have you grown accustomed to the Swarm this soon in the season?

JR: I have just tried to work hard and do the things the coaches ask of me to the best of my ability.

Q: You are one of the larger players on the team, how do you use this to your advantage?

JR: We like to say our defense is “mean and clean” so I just try to use my athleticism and out work my opponents.

Q: Being on defense for the Swarm, you have different goals than someone who constantly tries to score. What are your goals for the season?

JR: My goal is the same as every single player on this team: get better every game and win a championship.

Q: Since Lacrosse does not take up your entire life, what do you like to do in your free time?

JR: Being from the Northeast, one of my favorite things to do is ski. Unfortunately I haven’t made it out to the slopes yet this winter.

Q: Everyone has a story about how they got into the sport they are involved in. How did you originally get into the sport?

JR: My dad played lacrosse in college and he got me playing when I was just five years old. I actually went to a camp with kids a few years older than me and hated the sport originally. Happy I stuck with it.

Q: With the loss this past weekend, is there a chip on your shoulder?

JR: You always have to play with a chip on your shoulder. We are just excited as a team to get back together.

Q: How did the team feel after the loss against Colorado?

JR: I think as a team, we were a little disappointed in our overall performance and are really looking forward to playing this weekend.

Q: What are two things that every player must do to be successful in the NLL or professional sports?

JR: I think having a strong work ethic and being a great teammate are two important aspects of being a professional athlete.

Q: What are three words to describe your athleticism and drive in the sport of Lacrosse?

JR: Passionate, energetic, physical.

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