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Q&A: Captain Jordan MacIntosh

MacIntosh faceoff against Toronto | Photo Credit: Paul Sasso, MV Photo Concepts

Jordan MacIntosh #24 | Photo Credit: Greg Abel

Team captain Jordan MacIntosh is in his sixth year playing for the Swarm – the only team he's called home in the NLL. He has 26 points (8G, 18A) in 12 games, has collected 119 loose balls while causing 18 turnovers, has a .258 shot percentage, and is 153-for-299 on faceoffs – good for a .512 FO%. MacIntosh took some free time from his busy schedule and sat down with GeorgiaSwarm.com to talk about his career, the Swarm this year, and his basketball skills:

Q: Reflecting from the beginning of your career to now, how have you developed on and off the field?

JM: I would say quite a bit. It seems like my role every single year has changed. Early in my career, I was heavily focused on offense. As I progressed, I have transitioned to a transition role, playing more defense. Over the past couple of years, I have been doing better on faceoffs and learning more from them. The leadership piece has come naturally in my career. I was lucky enough to become assistant captain early in my career, which has helped me grow and become captain two years ago.

Q: As captain of the Swarm, what roles do you play in addition to being a key player on the team?

JM: I may have the 'C' on my jersey, but our team is a group of leaders that do a lot more than what their role is. Me personally, it is a lot of working with the coaching staff and taking a look at the pulse of the locker room. I look to lead by example on the floor by busting my butt every shift. Off the floor, I am there for my teammates and help them out.

Q: As a professional athlete, how do you prepare throughout the week for a game on the weekend?

JM: Multiple ways. Video is a big piece. I watch the video of the game and hone in on what I did correctly. Then I like to watch what the other team does. How they do faceoffs and how I can better myself. When it comes to training, I do not do anything too crazy. I do a lot of stretching and bike. I do not want to be worn out before I travel to the game.

Q: Who is one professional athlete, from any sport, that you would like to see compete in the NLL?

JM: I would like to see Rob Gronkowski play defense or transition in the NLL.

Q: How do you have to prepare differently for a box lacrosse game compared to a field lacrosse game?

JM:  I think you have to prepare your body. You are taking more abuse in box. You are running a lot more. Your training has to change to running 30-45 seconds at a time. You go full-out for that short time. The preparation is a lot different. You have to take care of yourself so you can be smashed into the boards and still be able to play.

Q: You have been named two-time Transition Player of the Year, two-time All-Pro First Team, and made the 2012 All-Rookie Team. Why is that not enough for you, and what is another title that you would like to add to your belt?

JM: The thing that I would want to add to my belt would be a championship. I’ve been really fortunate in this league to be on great teams since the beginning. That is definitely the next thing to accomplish. I want to make sure I am performing at the highest level possible.

Q: What do you see in this team that is different from past Swarm teams?

JM: This team is really close. Not saying that former teams weren’t. We were always close, but this team is different. We are excited to hop on our flight to see everyone and play. That comes from a lot of places. The group is very similar. The veterans on the team help put the fun back into the game and the team. When you are having fun in the locker room and during the week, it really translates to the game.

Q: What is your gameday routine and what gets you zoned in for gameday?

JM: For the last few years, I have always roomed with Jason Noble. If it is a home game, I usually like to play some ping-pong. I am unbeaten this season; the only guy who has come close is Leo Stouros. I think I have worn out his game though. I don’t like to nap too long, an hour max. Nothing too crazy.

Q: If you could be a two-sport athlete like Jim Brown, Deion Sanders, or Bo Jackson, what sport would you like to attempt?

JM: I think if I had the ability to compete in the NBA and NLL, I would love to do it. The only thing is that I am terrible at basketball.

Q: How do you help the rookies get accustomed to the Swarm and NLL?

JM: Honestly, rookies are coming in a lot more polished now. Most play high-end college lacrosse. I think on my end, the biggest thing is to pull the shyness out of them. We have to make them comfortable on the team. Showing them that transparency is good.


Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite movie: The Town

Favorite sport: Lacrosse

Favorite team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite NFL team: New England Patriots

Favorite vehicle: BMW i8

Favorite city: Osaka, Japan

Favorite ice cream: Coffee Chocolate Chip

Dream job: CEO of Apple

Favorite subject: Graphic Design

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