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HIVE FIVE: Top 5 Goals of the Season (so far)

5 Quick Stings for the bye week

No Swarm lacrosse this week, unfortunately. Players and coaches are taking the down time to rest up their bodies and review their season so far as they prepare for the remaining 13 games in the season.

So while they get some well deserved rest and put in some behind-the-scenes work, we should do some reviewing of our own. And what better thing to review than the best goals of the Swarm’s first five games? Here are the Top 5 Swarm goals of the 2017-18 season (so far), starting with the one that pumped The Hive up the most…

Ranagan’s First Goal of the Season

We start the list with a goal from one of our solid defensemen, and this one energized a crowd that patiently sat through a two-hour delay and watched Rochester rattle off four goals to start the game. But Georgia responded with four of their own before Ranagan scooped up the loose ball and ran it in to give the Swarm its first lead of the night. Oh yeah, that celebration at the end was awesome. But that wasn’t the only fantastic goal that night, evidenced by our next Quick Sting…

King’s Crazy Dunk

King’s hat trick was incredible as he let his presence and a quick juke behind the goal freak out Knighthawks goaltender Matt Vinc and cause him to topple over so King could dunk the ball in as the goal moved with Vinc’s fall. And fortunately for us, this isn’t the only goal in this Hive Five we get to see that caused an opposing netminder to move too much. There was that one in Colorado where the 2017 NLL MVP showed how he’s a difference maker with…

A Gutsy Scramble

Lyle does so many things right on the floor. Mammoth goaltender Dillon Ward managed to block a SOG from Shayne Jackson, King took the ball to the corner while being pressed by two Mammoth defensemen, and Lyle snagged the ball before darting behind the crease and diving the ball into the net before Ward could make it back. Last season’s MVP puts that hustle into every play. He’s not the only Swarm player with that grit and determination, though. Just last week, we saw…

Jackson’s Falling Goal

A 10-point night for Jackson was highlighted by his goal that sparked the Swarm comeback. Pressed by the Roughnecks, Jackson found himself falling, and for most players, that would be the end of that possession. But Jackson remained cool and collected, launching the ball barely a foot above the ground in an amazing display of control and will. If not a SportsCenter Top 10 Play, then the next one is…

Williams’ Behind-the-Back Stunner

It still amazes me every time I see it. Collecting a blocked Kiel Matisz shot, Williams scored his second career NLL goal in the slickest way possible. The speed of his shot is one thing, but the accuracy is next-level. Rush goaltender Evan Kirk’s reaction to the goal let’s you know how good it was since it just completely beat him.


Sure, this is a Hive Five and all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an honorable mention. This list was missing the Swarm’s human highlight reel, and this hopefully corrects that in some small way…

Miles Behind-the-Back Fake-out

I know we all remember Miles’ numerous BTB goals from last season. Opponents plan for that shot from him now, so what better way to turn that on them than by using it as a fake-out? It worked on the camera operator for sure, not to mention the Mammoth defenseman covering him, giving Miles the opening he needed to get a shot off.

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