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The Floor

Details and names of the areas on the floor

Indoor lacrosse is typically played inside over the ice of a hockey rink. The ice is covered, and then turf is rolled out on which the players will play. The dimensions of a lacrosse floor are nearly identical to that of a hockey rink.


Box Lacrosse Field


The boards surround the playing surface and keep the action on the floor, helped by the glass above it.


Home to goaltenders only, the crease is an area that opposing players cannot enter. The radius of the crease is 9’3″, the crease lines are 5″, and the back end of the crease runs parallel to the boards behind it.

Face-Off Circle

Kicking off every quarter and after a goal has been scored, one player from each team will meet in the faceoff circle to decide who gains possession of the ball. The face-off dot is smack in the center of the playing surface.

Penalty Box

Players that are called for penalties serve their time in the penalty box. They cannot be released from the box until their penalty time has expired or an opponent scores a power play goal.

Restraining Line

Drawn 42’6″ out from the midline, restraining lines indicate where the eight players not participating in a faceoff have to stand behind until the referees signal the beginning of play. Crossing over this line before the whistle has been blown results in a faceoff violation.

Team Benches

With accommodations for up to 14 persons, team benches are opposite of the penalty boxes and run 24′ long. Neutral zones are right in front of each bench, allowing for substitutions to take place. Aside from coaches and players in uniform, only five non-playing personnel are eligible to be in the bench area.


Georgia Swarm Pro Lacrosse Team